Saturday, June 21, 2008

Safety First But Obviously Not For All Of Us

We all have a story or three about astonishingly bad driving that we've witnessed over our lifetimes. Hopefully none of us are guilty of these things though we'd also probably not want to be willing to admit to it. Your friends and family will never look at you the same way again when you tell them of the astonishingly evil that you've done, like done a rolling start through a stop sign and so on.

Unlike the kind of questionable evil of things like this, there will soon be a change in the situation that many of are very guilty of, your humble writer included. That is the thing that we see nearly every day as we drive down the road. It might not seem a bad thing but talking on your cell phone while driving has led to thousands of car crashes. The law that goes into effect at the start of July which requires hands-on equipment to be used while the car is in motion will still be broken but I'd like to think that some of us would learn before it comes to arrests or fines.

To go back to the other versions of vehicular stupidity, there is always one event that I remember being the silliest side of brain dead I've ever seen. I was walking down a local street to buy my lunch during a normal work day when I saw a really nice looking 66 Mustang coming toward me on the other side of the road. The car did need a little work done to it but it didn't look like those cars that have more rust than original coloring on it.

Anyway, my vision made it's way around the car until I could get a look at the driver and that was what left me shocked and surprised. As his car quickly made it's way down the road, anyone could easily see the car's driver was shaving with an electric razor. And it wasn't like he would shave while the car was stopped at a light or anything like that. He was doing it all the way down the road. He even used his rear view mirror to check how close his shave was going like we've all seen women do with their makeup.

To continue the odd timeline of this blog, let's jump back to this past week as I drove to work on a pretty boring morning. At about the halfway mark of the drive, I came up behind a car with a backseat full of balloons. There were so many inflated orbs bouncing around back there that I would seriously question if the driver could see out the back window. This gave me a worry since she was in the fast lane and going at a pretty good clip.

After a moment or two and witnessing the car wandering all over the lane, the car quickly snapped over to the middle lane and nearly smacked into another car trying to change lanes into the same spot. The car quickly slowed down which meant that I got a chance to see what the driver looked like. Now I'd like to say that this didn't follow the standard "woman driver" myth but it was a female driver so I'm stuck with that one. Anyway, that wasn't the reason that I got a shock. It was when I saw that this driver with a backseat full of helium filled rubber balloons was talking on the phone that made me just give up on the whole situation.

It would be wrong for me to say that I've never done anything while driving that could be looked at as wrong. But, all that being said, I can safely say that I've never done anything that horrendously bad. Cars are like large blocks of possible injury if you don't use a little bit of common sense to know that it's bad to be distracted when in motion. We can all think of it all in a funny sense of how stupid these people look but I get worried when it can lead to pain and suffering. I'm of a good sense of hope that the new law might at least reduce the stupid factor but it always seems like we'll just find something else to do as stupid as the last.


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