Tuesday, February 21, 2006

When A Phone Is A Camera

An idea popped into my head last week and I decided to get a couple different ringtones for my cell phone to use as a ringer for different people. There would be one for family, one for friends, and maybe a couple more sprinkled in the middle just for variety. I even went to Cingular's site to see what is available.

Then I had a slightly bewildering revelation - No one calls me on my cell phone.

Now, to be totally correct, there are people that do make a call to my mobile. My Mom calls it when she can't get me on my home or desk phone. And a friend or two might use the number once in awhile. But that's about it.

It was kind of depressing to think about how little use the phone side of this apparatus is getting. You'd like to think that a person would be at least popular enough to maybe get one cell phone call a day. There are full weeks that I go without it ringing at all.

Let it also be known that I spend my work day at a desk with a phone and a direct extension to it. Most everyone that would want to call me knows when I'm here or at home so they have those two means of communication. It would be kind of silly to call on the cell when I have a more sedantary phone within easy reaching distance.

I'm not sure if this is a lament about having a cellphone that spends more time as a camera than a phone (and the money involved in paying that kind of bill) or that the rest of the world in my personal orbit isn't interested enough in what is in the center of that orbit to call more often. Maybe it all comes down to wanting to feel like someone needs to talk to you so much that they will call you when you are away from the normal phones.

It looks like I'll just be sticking with my "Imperial March" ringtone for now...


Blogger JM said...

No one calls me, either.

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