Thursday, June 26, 2008

Purchasing Yourself Into The World Of Uncoolness

There are moments that just kind of strike my brain and show me just how silly I can be from time to time. We all like to think that we're too cool to go out and buy something that might mark us in the non-cool ledger. Some of us might never recover from something like this and could wind up spending the rest of eternity in a wrong headed attempt to return their level of perceived coolness to those who now know the truth.

My slight lack of street cred came out when I visited a local record store on Tuesday. In the new releases section of their DVD stock, I saw a brand spanking new disc that, at first glance, you would think that I would pause over for a moment and then move on but this time it didn't quite happen that way. Instead I picked it up off of the rack and, following a quick glance at the front and back of the box, I decided that I needed to finally own a copy of this movie.

It is a film that I actually saw in the theaters during it's initial release and thought it was okay. Since then, I've been tempted to purchase it when it appeared in other home video formats but I just never did. Call it scared of being uncool or just not having the money at the time. Whatever the reason, this film had not become a member of my slightly sizable collection but I just couldn't say no anymore. It sang it's siren song and I just couldn't help myself.

The film in question is that wonder of late 70s/early 80s wonderment known as XANADU. I can probably already hear the giggles coming from many of you but all I can say is that the movie might not be the most amazing piece of dramatic arts put to film but it is a large amount of guilty fun that I just can't say no to anymore. And before any of you start commenting on my knowledge of film, please remember that I got my college degree from San Francisco State film school which means that I survived all manner and style of film classes and saw my fair share of the serious and the art film.

I tend to look at it all in the way that many people work the metaphor between drama and action or comedy films. They say that a drama film is like eating a great steak dinner with all of the trimmings while an action or comedy film is like having a nice plate of your comfort food of choice. It's either that or they call them "popcorn films" like a drama sees that much of a decrease in the concession sales.

For me, I also have another level of filmdom, namely the "cotton candy" film. This is a film that is all about the sweet and perky and goes down all kinds of easy when you watch it. All this kind of film is doing is trying to entertain it's audience and take them away from whatever point their lives are at when they walked into the theater or put in the DVD. Some look at these films with a questionable eye but I tend to liken it to just wanting a slice of entertaining on my plate without having to really over think it.

Huh... I guess the fact that I waited until the "Magical Music Edition" came out isn't helping matters really. And yes, I've already added the soundtrack album that is included with the film onto my iTunes. Yeah... That's probably another check off from some of you but no one is perfect really... or perfectly cool...


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