Monday, March 27, 2006

I Just Witnessed A Motor Vehicle Accident... Sort Of... In A Manner Of Speaking...

I was walking through the parking lot of a local strip mall type area intent on picking up some Quiznos for lunch when I watched an older looking, slightly dinged up car drive past me. As it made it's way towards the exit, a parked truck started to back up and neither vehicle seemed inclined to stop. The truck finally stopped after slightly binging the car, even though the women driving the car had been honking her horn repeatedly to get the pick-up truck driver's attention.

Now is where the fun begins...

The driver of the car didn't get out at all. All she did was back up a little and then drive around the back end of the truck. The truck's driver looked slightly confused and I think that I was doing the same. The car pulled out of the parking lot and then proceeded to drive away like nothing had happened.

It took me a couple seconds to realize why she had driven off and the exact second happened when I saw the car head onto the street. The truck had, in fact, hit the car right in a the front right corner of the car which was also a place that was already dented in and damaged. The woman driving the car probably just decided to give him a pass since he had hit a part that already looked like it was just a little tenderized.


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