Sunday, August 20, 2006

Take A Look At The World Through My Camera Phone

It's time again for cell phone camera theatre!

If You Couldn't Figure It Out Already - It's generic soda either for idiots or for the illiterate.

Someone Is Kind Of Missing The Whole Reason For The Fence - If you're going to go to all of the trouble to put up a "No Tresspassing" sign, I'd like to think that you would go that extra step and put some kind of obstruction to block the wide open part of the fence.

Direct Specific Marketing - The drive thru wouldn't be complete without a poster of a Spanish Whopper.

Sorry... We Have No Bananas... - It can really bite to have an inventory shortage during the middle of a heat wave.

When The Lay's Company Officially Ran Out Of Ideas - How long does it take someone to come up with the idea for this flavor of potato chip?

It's Attack Of The Killer Toilet Dragon - This would be very cute... if it wasn't found on the wall of a men's urinal...

You Know It's Bad When The Note Is That Long - This was found on the door of the hotel room across from mine the day before I left. It must have been something horrible to need all that writing.

One Of The Things That I've Always Wanted To Do Is Off The List - Welcome to Wrigley Field! : )

Proper Wording Can Be Your Friend - Am I the only person that sees the problem with this sign? I hope not...

They'll Find A Way To Coat Anything - Is this considered a snack food or do they expect you to cook with them?

God? Is That You? - This is either me arriving at O'Hare Airport in Chicago or on the people mover directly to Heaven.

Tending Bar On A First Named Basis - I really hope this Jenn person isn't stingy with the liquor.

You Should Just Not Walk On The Bridge - When there are two different warning signs of different colors and both have a little guy on them, you know that it's serious.


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