Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An Interesting Choice Of Words For The Situation

I was skimming through an article on about Bush using his first veto on the stem-cell measure. Personally I think he has his head stuck up his born again ass on this topic but there was something that really caught my eye. About three quarters of the way down the article is a quote from Bush that made me pause for a moment...

"I'm disappointed that the House failed to authorize funding for this vital and ethical research," he said. "It makes no sense to say that you're in favor of finding cures for terrible diseases as quickly as possible and then block a bill that would authorize funding for promising and ethical stem-cell research."

The measure that he is complaining about not being passed is the one to try to find alternative stem-cell sources, including sources like placenta blood. Since it didn't hit the magic two-thirds majority, that one got left behind. The third measure, concerning the banning of what is called "fetal farming", passed 425-0 and was more or less a bill to make it look like they were standing up for the American family.

The quote above doesn't really fit in well when it comes right after he rejected a measure on a procedure that could save millions from all kinds of diseases. Even with the current questionable stock due to contamination of stem-cells that they are working with, the research is still pointing towards many possible discoveries. A veto of this measure is not an ethical thing to me.

It even goes into the photo-op that was played out around the signings and vetoing. They had invited parents of children that had received "adopted" frozen embryos that had been left unused at fertility clinics. This is all well and good but is there that big of a demand for these embryos? Is there such a backlog on these adoptions that the embryos can't be used for both? I'd go into the whole arguement of calling this "adoption" when there are still thousands of children in the foster care system that are treated like plutonium only because they happen to be older than what these families want. Kids are left to live their lives with no family relations because the adoptive parents must have a baby and not someone that they might have to learn and accept on their own terms.

When you have a good portion of the country being for a certain idea, it would stand to reason that the government would try to do what the people want. To destroy the chance at curing all manner of diseases, this veto is an even bigger red mark on the slate of this man's Presidential career. Not even the huge amount of doubletalk and backspeak can help to cover up this scarlet letter that will go right along with so many others.


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