Tuesday, May 16, 2006

iTunes Owns My Soul... When It's Not Doing Things To Irritate Me

Things That I Love About iTunes

Make Your Own KTel Record: As a young child of the very late 70s and early 80s, I remember back to the years of the KTel Records corporation and the odd mix albums that they would make. It seemed like every month would be a new album of songs combined together like some Rorscharch pinata. You'd be guarenteed of a couple hits being thrown together with some wannabes and several neverbes. With the amount of songs from that time period available for purchase, you can now make your own version of the great mix albums of the past.

Helping To Actually Save Me Money: The Red Hot Chili Peppers released their latest album a couple weeks ago. I heard the first single and really liked it so I had good thoughts about the whole thing. The release of the 2CD set made me kind of rethink buying the whole thing. While most of the RHCP's albums are pretty solid, the possibilities of a double length one just made me twitchy. On the morning that the album was released, I did a quick run through all of the songs and only bought 4 out of all of the available songs. I might be proven wrong by later single releases but I am very happy to be able to buy parts of CDs and not the whole thing.

Things That I Hate About iTunes

Making Previews By Brail: It always amazes me to hear some of the preview clips of the songs for purchase. A logical person would think that you'd want to go with a good part of a song, like the chorus or maybe a really nice part from the opening. Spend some time looking for songs and you'll start to run into some of the most random choices of previews you'll ever hear. I really don't think a clip that is most of the guitar solo of a song is a really good way to chose if you want to buy a song or a whole album.

Parts Is Parts: While most of the songs available for purchase are ready to go, there seems to be an odd need to put up partial versions of some albums. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of rhyme or reason for this shortening practice. You'll get an album missing a track or three and then find a greatest hits collection by the artist that has those songs. If you can go through the work to put the songs from the collection up for purchase, what is so hard about doing the same with the original album?


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