Friday, September 22, 2006

Wondering What Leftists Put In The Water

I've sort of had a bemused interest in the whole Hugo Chavez UN speech thing going on this week. It seems like everyone is totally surprised that he would say something bad though I have to say that the level of his comments upped the bitchy factor just a little bit. Hearing Democrats that spend most of their time harassing Bush over what he is doing even came out to defend against the big meanie from Venezuela. Calling the President "the devil" was creative though the whole "smells like sulfar" bit was pushing it a little bit.

My mind is a little confused on where I see this thing going when it comes to popularity. On one hand you have a duly elected President that has no problem with saber rattling whenever he feels like it to make the people back home happy... and then you have Mr. Chavez. But I digress... While it might play well at home, there doesn't seem to be any real benefit to making a statement like that. His friends in places like Cuba and Iran might be laughing under their breath but being that pissy in official comment form can only tend to lead to more countries seeing the man as more of a goofball and less as an actual leader of a country.

Word choice can come back and bite you hard. Just ask the Pope about his little problem lately and I'm sure that he'll be happy to fill you in on when it might not be good to make a certain statement...


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