Thursday, July 26, 2007

Choosing What The Truth Is Supposed To Mean

This might just show that I'm older than any of the rest of the world but I'm kind of feeling really let down by the current people hanging out in the White House. I know that many of you won't be too amazed by that thought but it seems like there is a big ball of bad starting to build up in front of me. It doesn't even really include the standard things, like the Iraq War or other similar stuff, though it can kind of fit in there if it's turned quite right.

What is making me so flumoxed?

The way that several members of the government seem to feel really no worry over telling a lie.

This has nothing to do with those little white lies that we all tell. Those kinds of things tend to read more like fibs than out and out lies. Fibs tend to be those things that kind of help to get us through the day without additional interpersonal stress and humiliation. Most of the fibs also tend to be more of an innocent nature and don't stray too close to the danger of being a lie.

I just can't seem to understand why these people feel that they have the ability to tell outright lies with no repercusions coming their way. It could be all about the Attorney General throwing out all kinds of conflicting stories during his multiple testimonies in front of the different Congressional groups. It might be when Cheney decided to say that voting for anyone that isn't a Republican was voting for the victory of the terrorists. But then it might be all of the stuff about the attorney firings and who is and was actually involved in the situation.

All of those things could be seriously heinous and probably is at least against their supposed moral codes. After all that, it appears that the thing that has sent me over the edge is the newly released information about the death of Pat Tillman. After all of the previous things that have come from this event, be it death by enemy or friendly fire, it all left a bad taste in my mouth.

From paperwork acquired by the AP, it appears that there was even more people involved in the cover-up and the assorted cover stories that followed. It starts with doctors that checked the body stated that the bullethole placement in Tillman's head didn't jibe with all of the previous explanations. Their decision was that the bullets probably came from an M-16 and only about 10 yards away. Then there are the emails sent between multiple Army attorneys congratulating each other for keeping the criminal investigation at bay which led to administrative and non-criminal charges. An additional bit of lie comes from the fact that there was no proof of any kind of enemy fire found in the area of the shooting or in any of the vehicles used by the squad.

All of this just gets balled up into one colossal lie that makes me wonder how these people can sleep at night. This lie is bad enough but they shared it with the rest of the world as a truth. You have to either have balls of steel or a heart of stone to feel it's okay to tell the story that they spun to his Mom as she was still reacting to her son's death.

I guess I could say that maybe they just have a different set of mental priorities and leave it at that. Those are priorities that no rational human being should have but I guess it takes all kinds of people to run or ruin the world.


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