Friday, June 15, 2007

Unemployment Theatre Day 1: LORD OF WAR

Who knew arms dealing could seem this exciting even with the extreme bodycount... moral ambiguity... questionable sexual practices... and so on and so forth?

I have to admit that I wasn't really looking forward to this one though it did come with a mighty strong pedigree. The NetFlix DVD has been sitting on my living room coffee table for many a month but I just didn't feel the urge to pop it in. Perhaps the dark subject matter left me a little whoosy but that disc just did not want to go into the player. The thought had crossed my mind to just send it back without watching but it felt like the movie deserved to be viewed just for the fact that I've had it for so long.

The first part of the film was intriguing to say the least. Watching the vaguely simple way that the lead character gets into the arms dealing business made me think about maybe needing a change of possible employment for me but that wouldn't work out because I think that I wouldn't want to buy a gun from someone who chews his fingernails like I do. That would just be the clue that something might be up. Either that or the buyer would think that I'd squeal the first time that I was arrested. Gun running is not a job that you get and work like your standard sales person job. It takes those of us with nerves of iron and sadly I think I might lack in those.

There were two things in the film that kind of struck me as odd. The first is how it would seem that Ethan Hawke is slowly turning into a skeleton or, at the very least, one of those figures made out of cornhusks that you find in those little knick-knack stores on the main street of the local quaint vacation town near you. I remember back when he started and he looked like every normal guy but now it seems like someone is slowly deflating him from the head down. My other odd thought came every time that Jared Leto was on screen. Unlike his costars who all sported normal makeup, it appeared that Mr. Leto had someone apply extra eyeliner on him at all times. There is a chance that the look might be the normal way his eyes appear but it was kind of odd to note that he looked like the entire eyeliner budget went to him alone.

To make a long story short, the movie was interesting. You got your standard wander through the world of illegal arms merchants and they mentioned a lot of the finer points about what happened during those times. The narration kind of fiddled with the film a little due to the fact that it made the viewer believe that person survived the film which tends to decrease the excitement at possible outcomes. All in all, a good solid movie for those days that you want a little thought provoking with your Nicolas Cage.


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