Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Comic Store Pull List - July 11, 2007

X-Factor #21
This reads like the first part of a big upcoming event. Madrox spends the issue trying to keep the whole group moving and getting everyone together to work together. This includes everything from a meeting with a new client, attempting to make some kind of peace with Monet and Teresa, and getting his drink on. A well rounded story that even has room for a medical test and the arrival of what could be a major factor in the future of the series.
Decision: A

Countdown #42
The continuing adventures of the DC universe as it wanders through all manner of escapades. While it does move along at a good pace, I have to admit to feeling a little let down by a good portion of this issue. Many of the main characters seem to be more or less in a holding pattern which leaves a lot of scenes of people sitting around and talking. There is also an odd bit of conversation involving Karate Kid that left me wondering about the time frame of when the scene happened and how it fits into the whole "Lightning Saga" bit. Mary Marvel works in a little action with Clayface along with the forshadowing about her powers and the Trickster and Pied Piper get up close and personal with what appears to be a new version of the Suicide Squad. All in all, a nice read but not a lot hoding it up.
Decision: B-

Justice Society of America #7
We return to the bedside of Mr. Nathan Heywood, who has been stuck there in a coma since the start of the series. From the explanation given, it looks like he's wound up with a power not unlike his crime fighting relatives and doesn't like it. The plot of the issue flowed really nicely though it did feel like it was jumping ahead a bit too quickly from time to time. This is sort of the "one and done" origin issue that introduces a new character to the team which left me feeling a little let down at how fast it was moving. I would also have to question the way that they give him his costume, if only just because it seems like they would want to choose an easier means to do it if there is a good chance that it will need to be repaired on a regular basis. Either way, this is a nice little story to keep the plots going until the next major story arc.
Decision: B

Fables #63
While the most recent issues of this series have been mostly character based, it looks like "The Good Prince" is finally starting to really get moving. There is action on multiple fronts, including nearly all of the characters on both sides of the conflict. While there is no actual fighting, this issue reads like a primer for the battles to come. All of the different chess pieces are moving into position for the coming war and this issue really defines and shows how many of the characters will be experiencing the events to come.
Decision: A

Madman Atomic Comics #3
This issue made my brain hurt but in a good way. Our hero is trapped in the odd netherworld of his subconscious and needs to find a way out to stop his arch enemy. This journey is aided by an interesting choice of person though they don't quite end up where they thought they would. This story is filled with a lot of heavy psychological ideas and beliefs that can sometime leave you wondering where the story is actually heading. A special word must be made about the artwork. While we travel through the subconscious, we travel through many different worlds that resemble all manner of illustrated stories. This includes picture books, comics, paintings, comic strips, and even a certain television show that will soon be a movie. While it does lead to a "spot the influence" moment or three, the effect is still really creative and fits in well with the story.
Decision: B+

Freshmen II: Fundamentals of Fear #6
Can someone please explain to me what has happened to this story? The original mini series was so well written and this sequel just seems to be grasping at things to do. There are a bunch of events in the lives of all of the main characters but none of them really seem to stick in the mind very strongly. It would seem that they were trying to go for a way to show the characters growing up but there are some large leaps taken and a couple questionable decisions in the case of the writer's need to keep the story going. If the next mini series starts off like this one has ended, I'm not sure if I'll stick around to see what happens next.
Decision: C


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