Thursday, September 28, 2006

Watching The Government Go Down The Rabbit Hole

I am someone who is very happy to live in the United States of America. This country has been my home for all 34 years that I have been in existence and, while having traveled to other countries, I have never really thought about moving somewhere else. While my party affiliation is labled as a Democrat, I would tend to see myself more as a moderate than the two dominant parties. My mind is in reality even though I am a fan of all kinds of fantasy related endevors.

All that being said, I am now stuck on a specific observation - I am deeply ashamed of the people currently serving in elective offices, especially the President and his aides.

The current regime has never been popular with me. It started at the bottom with the way that the 2000 election went and has gone downhill from there. Every chance the President and his sidekicks had to do the right and just thing has been ruined by either their inability or disinterest in what would actually benefit the people of the country they are supposed to represent.

As a child of the 80s, I lived through the Reagan and Bush Sr. years and nothing that they did come anywhere near the amount of destruction being brought upon this nation now. With the law that is on the verge of passing concerning the treatment of prisoners, the government is showing just how much they care about things like basic human rights. This bill will both allow for the President to decide what means of interrogation could be considered as torture and absolving him and the people who did the deed if a future group in office decides that what was done in the past now constitutes torture. What we have here is the biggest get-out-of-jail-free card ever.

Please don't think that I am what some people call a "tree hugging liberal" or anything like that. I was actually for the invasion of Afghanastan but that is the only thing that I have agreed with when it concerns the decisions of the current regime. It is my hope and prayer that the people of the rest of the world realize that there is a huge amount of people in this country that do not agree with the current government in any way. The people in power might not feel the need to recognize these things but I don't feel the need to lower myself into the muck and slime that they currently reside in.


Anonymous indigo_jones said...

Oh, you are not alone! I have actually thought about living overseas -- not for this reason, just for the experience -- but now I think about it more than ever. It's horrifying what is happening here these days. It leaves me speechless.

3:46 PM  

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