Friday, August 29, 2008

A Moment To Think About McCain's Plans

Population of Alaska = 683,478

Populations of some of the closest cities in actual number of people =

11 San Jose, CA 782,000
12 Baltimore, MD 736,000
13 Indianapolis, IN 731,000
14 San Francisco, CA 724,000
15 Jacksonville, FL 635,000
16 Columbus, OH 633,000
17 Milwaukee, WI 628,000
18 Memphis, TN 610,000
19 Washington, DC 607,000
20 Boston, MA 574,000

* taken from the official Census web site *

So John McCain picked someone who has only gone through one budget submission process in a state with less people in it than San Francisco and this is a good pick?! Color me confused but I have to call shenanigans on this one. He could have at least picked someone like Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Senator from Texas who actually has experience dealing with the kind of legislation that happens at the level that she'll be working at if elected. But, I guess the blank slate idea of the Alaska Governor trumps the experienced senator from Texas any day as long as they're both female.


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