Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sony Works With The Gas Companies

For those of you that don't tend to follow the video gaming industry, the next couple of days are the E3 Convention. This is the major gaming extravaganza on the North American continent and, next to the Tokyo Gaming Show, quite possibly the biggest kind of event in the industry. This is where the big debuts are made, be it a console, game, or peripheral. It's all about making a statement here to start the promo wheels rolling.

This promotional avalanche tends to start the day before the actual beginning of the convention with Sony's big event. They invite all of the gaming press, members of the companies that develop games for their system, and random contest winners that they can force into the building and make a PlayStation orgy out of the whole thing. It's like a cross between a rock concert and a product event.

Sony held their 2006 event last night and something caught my eye. And no, it's not the fact that they aren't going to go with the boomerang shaped wireless controller. My attention went to the prices of their new hardware, the PlayStation 3.

The generic version with the 20GB hard drive? $499.
The advanced version with the 60GB hard drive? $599.

It could just be me but this sounds to me like a pricing point made by people who run the gas companies. The gas prices always tend to end in 9s so they can say that they are pricing their product less than the competition. Those projected prices read to me like the people at Sony don't want to admit that they could be charging $500 for the basic model.

Depending on the competitions pricing, there is a good chance that you could buy a marked down XBox360 (There are rumours of this happening around the PS3 release date) and Nintendo's new console, the Wii (pronounced wee), for what you'd be paying just for one PS3. Is Sony on the verge of pricing themselves out of their own market kingdom?


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