Monday, September 25, 2006

Mondays Are For Boredom

Being A Parental Male: There was something that bothered me last night when I watched the season premeire of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I even wound up calling my roommate about it during the show. For those of you that don't live here in the US (or the show isn't carried in your country), this is the show where a bunch of home designers build, with the help from local contractors and workers, a new house for a very deserving family. They've done hundreds of homes for many different reasons but this one had a catch that kind of caught my mind.

The family in question starts with a Mom and her 8 kids. Mix in her adoptive brother who had kidney failure and now get dialysis daily and his 3 kids. Take all of this and cram it all into a 900 square foot house. I'll wait for all of you to picture that in your head before I go on. Oh yeah... They live in the town of North Pole, Alaska and the house is full of holes. If that wasn't bad enough, the Mom says during the video that they submitted states that her husband decided to move in the previous year down to Idaho.

That was the only reference to the man for the entire episode so I don't know if he is paying child support or anything like that but I have to say that I have a problem with a father that leaves his extended family in that kind of situation. Even without the brother and his 3 kids, the house looked like it was beyond cramped. It was full of holes in the walls and windows that let all kinds of cold weather in during the winter months. That is no way to leave people that consider you as their father. Family is the most important thing and you don't walk out on your blood. That is just the way it is.

Songs Played While Writing This
1) Girls Talk - Dave Edmunds
2) Outshined - Soundgarden
3) Told You So - Barenaked Ladies
4) Getaway Car - Audioslave
5) Unchained Melody - U2
6) Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

There Is No Crying In Football Pt. 1: Since I had nothing to do on Saturday night, I decided to watch the USC/Arizona State game on ABC. The actual game itself wasn't all that thrilling but the thing that caught my ears was something that the people calling the game kept saying. And when I say "kept saying", I do mean that I lost count of the number of times they threw out this topic. What could this possibly be? Instant replay.

After all the crap that they caught following the Oregon game where the replay booth operator was quoted as saying that he did not have any access to the ABC feeds to make his decision, you can kind of see how they might be a little defensive. That doesn't mean that they need to mention about how the replay person at the USC game had access to their feeds every single time something that could be looked at as reviewable happens. It got even worse later in the game when the color commentator guy felt the need to also mention that this was the same process that was in place in Oregon. In effect, this guy was calling the replay person from Oregon a liar multiple times to the entire country. That just starts to sound like they're getting pissy to me.

Reality In An Action Film World: I have always been one of those people that doesn't have a problem with shutting off my brain when I go into something like an action film or a silly comedy. There is always room for movies that are what I call "popcorn movies", where the film is there to entertain you and doesn't try to make it seem like they are trying to be overly artistic.

This leads me to the film that I watched on Friday night, 16 BLOCKS. At first, I was getting into the film and having an okay time but my level of enjoyment seemed to drop off as the story went along. The problem for me was the fact that film was just too full of lucky moments that allowed the heroes to escape. For every time that the leads came up with an idea to solve a problem, there were three lucky things that magically got them out of trouble. It got to the point that it just sucked me out of the whole movie.

There Is No Crying In Football Pt. 2: There are football players that complain when they get minor dings or hits. Then there are players like Chris Sims, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Some time during the course of the game, Mr. Sims had his spleen rupture from a hit by the opposing team. No one is definately sure when it happened but, from reports by players who said that Sims seemed to be a little dizzy and having problems calling plays in the huddle in the first quater of the game, it is a good chance that he played a good portion of the game with a ruptured spleen. Think about how much that must have been hurting and then think if you would have been able to do anything constructive.


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