Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Comic Store Pull List - July 25, 2007

Invincible #44
It amazes me when I realize just how fast a single issue of this comic moves all of the different storylines along. There is a major switch to the Mark/Atom Eve relationship that leaves it all up in the air. You can then mix in bits about Mark's Mom and his school status. Finally, Mark has a slight run-in with a woman from his Dad's planet (long story) that starts out questionably and winds up getting worse. This comic just keeps moving but always has time for character development which makes me very happy. Throw in a great joke about hurting a monster in battle and it's all good in the hood for me.
My Rating: A

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #5
After the end of introductory story, it's kind of nice to have this issue to both clense the pallete and also add a little danger to the comings and goings. We're given a view of what it's like to be one of the decoys that Buffy has running around the world masquarading as her. While it does read a little jarring since the whole story exists in just this issue but it does give us a view of what some people are asked to do to help keep the peace in the supernatural world. Bittersweet is the taste that you'll have at the end of the read but it shouldn't chase you away.
My Rating: B

Countdown #40
This is a definate step up from the last couple of issues which might not be saying much when it comes down to it. All of the major and even a couple minor plots start moving at a very rapid rate. From the microscopic world to Metropolis to Apokolips, there are all kinds of things happening in a short space of time. With the quick jumping, it still flows nicely and doesn't get too congested. It might have been better to move a plot point or three to previous or upcoming issues for a little breathing room but it made me happy to finally have some movement. Be sure to not miss what is quite possibly one of the meanest and funniest bit of dialogue coming from Darkseid. Sometimes it's good to be the king.
My Rating: B-

Hellboy: Darkness Calls #4
The mystical world can be quite a bitch when you have to put up with all kinds of things like Hellboy does. Stuck trying to make his way back to our dimension while being hunted by an ancient evil, you have to feel for the guy. The plot flows really nicely though I think that the monthly reader might be helped with one of those plot recap pages that many of Marvel's comics have. With all the stuff going on and all of the different characters popping in and out of the action, a little help would be nice.
My Rating: B

All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder #6
Pardon me while I am amazed at how fast this issue came out following the last one. When it took almost a year between issues #4 and #5, having the next issue appear on time makes a person go "Wow!" Snarkiness aside, this is probably the first issue of this series that I can say that I enjoyed. It's nice to have a little less of the whacked out Batman and he now reads like a badass more than anything else. The Batgirl story fragment felt awfully short to warrant having her on the cover and it seems like the freckles and red hair would be a dead giveaway to her identity. Black Canary pops in for a little fight that turns into something even worse for everyone concerned. If the future issues read as well as this one does, then I might feel the need to hang around a lot longer than I had originally planned.
My Rating: B


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