Friday, August 03, 2007

My Comic Book Store Pull List - August 1, 2007

Justice Society of America #8
Following up on the two big opening stories and the intoduction of the latest version of the "Steel" character, it was nice to have this single issue story to give a little more character work. With a cast as large as this comic has, it can be hard to give all of the different people their moment of attention so you take the chance when you get the time. This issue reads like a nod to Liberty Belle but it also dovetails in a little time for Damage too. The reading goes very smoothly and it does work very nicely but I did kind of dislike what the Society did with the police. It seemed really out of character to act that way after the worry and panic that showed up earlier in the story. Either way, it works nicely and gives us a hello from people that might wind up blending into the background from time to time. And that must be hard when they run around in blue, yellow, and red spandex.
My verdict: A-

Countdown #39
It's another week of jam packed action for the reverse counting series though I have to admit a little bit of confusion. It might just show that my memory is going away but I had no clue about who was travelling with Karate Kid until he said her code name. Either way, it's nice to have a couple issues in a row that moved the plots along. My current favorite has to be the Trickster/Pied Pipper plot, mainly due to the fact that it feels like there really is something going on. When you have one plot that usually involves a group of people seemingly randomly travelling around the subuniverse, a slightly silly plot with Jimmy Olsen, and a couple other to choose from. One thing that I found really interesting was the backup story and it's explanation for the Source Wall. Unlike all of the previous reasons to have a big wall at the end of the universe, the one included here really read like something that works both logically and storywise too.
My verdict: B

Metal Men #1
This one turned into more of a store purchase then a preplanned thing because I wasn't quite sure about what I had heard about it in the press. It just didn't scream out to me so I didn't have it pulled. While I was surprised at how well it did read, I have to say that there were some problems with what was going on. The issue bounced around a bunch which made me get slightly confused on the general plot of the comic. It's the first issue which leaves them a lot of room to fully explain what is going on but I really hope they write a little closer to the bone of the plot. There was also a little confusion on my part during a scientific presentation but that might just be due to being a liberal arts major.
My verdict: B-


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