Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where Do You Want To Hire Your Governement Employees From

I was kind of struck by what I've started to see appearing coming from the mouths of both right and left wing columnists and talk show hosts. It's the kind of topic that you would almost guarentee to hear coming from the right but you don't think that it would pop out of the left wing side of things at all. It just doesn't sound like something that would illicit this kind of response either way.

To explain, it would seem that we need to go back around a month or so before the whole election finally ended. As part of his main speech, Barrack Obama said many times that he would come to Washington DC and change it for the better. It seemed from the way that he was talking that he would have an adversion to hiring anyone for his cabinet that had had any kind of experience working for any of the past administrations. It would be populated by brand new people who would come in with their new ideas and change the government for the better.

As the first couple of appointees were announced, an odd link began to appear - a large number of the possible members of the administration had worked for past administrations, especially the Clinton's years. When each new person was announced, it was left to the press and the pundits to dig out as many past connections as they could possibly fine.

All of this left me wondering just why this is so important. I know that he made those statements during the election process but you have to understand that it's not like there are a lot of people out there that have the resumes to work for the government. There isn't a category on for Presidential Appointees or anything like that. You have a finite amount of people to choose from and this leaves you to wind up bringing in many people that had spent time in the building in the past.

Another odd strain is that many of the right wing pundits are complaining that this new administration is turning into "The Clinton Years" part 2. They spend all kinds of time and space going on and on about how this is going to be a repeat of the past with all of the same players as before. While a good amount of people who are being talked to did spend time in the Clinton White House, it isn't like the only people Obama is talking to are former Clinton employees that he is bringing in to the same positions that they had in the past.

It's all just left me to think about where all of these questioning people expect Obama to find his people since many of the people that have the experience to do the job are people that have worked in that building in the past. How about we let them find the same level of applications from people who have never worked in that kind of environment and see who winds up being hired. I'd be more willing to bring in the people that know what they are doing.


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