Monday, August 13, 2007

My Comic Book Store Pull List - August 8, 2007

X-Factor #22
If I was asked to pick my current favorite comic book writer, one of the people at the top of the list would be Peter David. He has an amazing talent to write a comic like it's a prose novel and still make it work in the episodic nature of this business. That talent is seriously on show in this issue. There are multiple different plot lines running alongside each other and they all feel like they're getting the attention they deserve. It even works when you go to the story about the two kids that sing anti-mutant songs though it does seem to be kind of off to the side of the rest of the goings on. With what happened at the end of the issue, it would seem like all of those threads will begin to merge soon enough but I kind of have to wonder how the additional bit factors into it.
My verdict: A-

Daredevil #99
It's sad for me to have to say this but this was the first issue of Ed Brubaker's writing run that I really couldn't get into. Unlike all of the previous issues, the action in this one just kind of happens and not due to the plot developments. It's almost like a condensed version of a full issues content. After what happened in the previous issue, Matt is seriously on the hunt for who is causing all of the hell in his life and he goes all out, including smacking many people around. While all that is going on, his wife is going off the rails which leads to part of the big climax. And that leads to a big problem for me. Both of the big finale moments really rang false to me. The big villan reveal fell very flat for me and I'm someone who has read DD on and off (avoiding some of the sucky parts) for nearly 15 years. Honestly, I had no clue who the person was. Toss in a really random moment in a subway and it all just didn't work itself together for me.
My verdict: B-

Fables #64
This issue gives a minor break from the current storyline to show a view of what is going on with the Snow White/Bigby Wolf family and it does read kind of nicely. The action includes the preparation for the kids' birthday party and some views of the world moving towards war. While it is a nice story all the way around, it left me kind of wondering why they needed to pause the main story to put this one in. The fill-in art had a very interesting look with a lot of big eyed work though it did take me a moment or two to recognize who it was. I might be the only person asking for this but I really think that this comic needs one of those "Previously In..." pages at the start because I had no clue who the kids that appeared in the opening were and I still don't. Enjoying helps when you know who you're reading about.
My verdict: B

Countdown #38
After two pretty strong weeks, this series goes right back to the questionable level. All of the plot lines motor along with the Jimmy Olsen and Mary Marvel plots being in the forfront. The MM kind of works okay but I just can't wrap my brain around the JO one. I guess it feels a little too silly when compared to the things going on with the other characters. The whole Oracle/Calculator battle was intriguing but it kind of was a bit too cerebral for a comic book. Two people battling it out over an internet connection just doesn't tend to illicit the drama like a more physical fight would. All in all, it feels like this series is sliding back to the iffy area it lived in back at the start of the whole thing.
My verdict: C+

Green Lantern #22
It might just prove that I have the need to not know what is going on, but I decided to pick up this issue due to all of the publicity The Sinestro Corps storyline is getting. While I was left a little confused by the hows and whys of some of the stuff going on, the issue read very nicely and felt really thrilling to even a new reader. With Hal fighting to save Kyle Rayner from the thrall and power of the creature known as Parallax, there are many different players on the board that are trying to move the pieces into a manner that will benefit themselves when all of the fighting is over. I think I'm intrigued enough to stick around for a little while and see how it all shakes out but all I can really review comes from the words and pictures on the pages and those were very likeable indeed.
My verdict: B


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