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My Comic Book Store Pull List - August 15, 2007

The Brave And The Bold #6
We come to the end of the first storyline since the relaunch of this series and it left me with a very nice taste in my mouth. I've been a fan of this series since the start mainly for the amount of fun and freedom this book has with all of the characters involved. It doesn't disregard continuity but it doesn't function as a slave to it too. The entire Destiny's book/Luck Lords story comes to a close with a mad dash and battle across the planet of Rand, proof that Supergirl can be a very well rounded character when handled by the right writer, and the last addition to the cast that I didn't see coming and was very happy to see. We'll see if it can keep it up as it moves along and I'll be one of the people rooting for it to succeed.
My verdict: A

Justice League of America #12
It Brad Meltzer's swan song on this title it read to me like he went out with kind of a shrug. After the previous issue that had a really interesting and thrilling way about it, this one kind of worked like a day in the life kind of thing based around the need for team members to do monitor duty. There are a couple nods to some of the lesser characters (aka the ones without their own books) and nods to the formation of the group back in the old days. I have to admit to feeling a little blase about the whole thing but it was nice to read a little actual character development after 10 issues of mostly action. I was also kind of left in confusion about an appearance by a character that I thought wasn't possible in current continuity but it didn't really make me hate the story or anything like that.
My verdict: B

Ultimate Spider-Man #112
Welcome to the beginning of the Stuart Immonen era on the art side of the book and it looked kind of a nice place to be. While I still have to say that I prefer Bagley's line work, the art on this issue flows along the same way as the previous 111 issues. Most of the action runs with Peter at school and Norman Osbourne in jail which felt mostly like the standard "storyline opening issue" that tends to come out since the trade paperback years started. Carol Danvers pays Norman a visit and it looks like everything goes bad once she refuses his one request while Peter, Mary Jane, and Kitty have to deal with the old "fake baby" thing that they have in high schools other than the one that I went to. I'll have to see what happens as the story progresses but this read like a paint by numbers opening issue to me.
My verdict: B

Countdown #37
This issue is more up and down by the nearest elevator and this one read on the way down, though there were some interesting points. It's just that the story as a whole wound itself down in a way that leaves me not really feeling a strong attraction to most of what's going on. The Mary Marvel/Zatanna and Trickster/Pied Piper stories were good additions especially the visit to Zatanna's secret mansion. Other than that, all of the other plot lines left me feeling cold. The end of the issue left me even more surprised that they would pull it out but it kind of leaves the whole thing in a very different way of going. Again, it's not the most thrilling of comic but it's not kind of totally worthless either.
My verdict: C+

The Flash #231
It's the first issue of the return of Wally West as The Flash and it was an interesting read. There were many little tidbits and references to what the West family had been up to since they wandered off into the Speed Force though there are still a lot of things left to be answered. There is also a beginning to the explanation of the kids' powers but it left a lot of stuff to be found out. Like Ultimate Spider-Man, this functioned as a "storyline opening issue" though there was also a lot of content shown to give the audience a view of the series as a whole following all of the last couple of issues. The art by Acuna has an interesting kind of view to it but it did seem a little too overstretched for my taste. There was also the odd look of the bad guys at the end of the issue that gave me a weird flashback to the movie, THE HOST, but all in all this was nice opening issue.
My verdict: B

Booster Gold #1
It's time for the return of one of the oddest characters in comics and this time he gets to play both sides of the fence. Unlike previous comics where he was played as just being a goofball, this series sees Booster playing the goof to the world while he winds up playing the serious hero in the background. It looks like they'll be using this comic to wander through the new multiverse as Booster is sent through time and dimension to fix or correct problems that pop up. A fun read that works as a way to begin the new perspective on the character and allows the story to go in many different directions, including a couple references to future storylines viewed in the now standard Geoff Johns' last page bit. Time will definately tell how it all works out but it is a nice start.
My verdict: B-

Welcome To Tranquility #9
The town of retired heroes is beginning to have major problems with zombies and what seems like the Devil's right hand man along with the first appearance of an intriguing new addition to the cast. While the standards of this comic is kept to it's normal position, I have to admit to being a little bored with this issue. It wasn't that nothing really happened. It's just that it kind of feels like I'm still waiting for a little more character detail that hasn't been gotten to. The town is full of all kinds of different people but you don't really feel any kind of connection with any of them on anything other than a superficial level. Along with the main story, we're also provided with a short bit about the new addition that shows the man's origin in a lot of freaky detail. Trust me when I say that this is one of those guys that definately has a simple focus to his heroics.
My verdict: B-


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