Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thinking About Listening To Orders

I've kind of realised over this weekend that I need to get my brain rewired a little to do work in a contractor ideal. All of my past business experience has been your standard office jobs. You walk in at the start of the day and the you do your job or your boss tells you what to do. While you're in that room, office, building, or wherever it might be, you know that you've got assorted jobs to get done during the day and you really can't leave until they're done. This is where my brain currently is.

But that won't really work when it comes to a contractor job. A job like that requires a person to keep track of the comings and goings at their own speeds and be ready to drop into the work day at a moments notice. It could be first thing in the morning or when you're making dinner but you need to observant enough to know when the time to work is and switch over to get it done. I might be overreacting a little but I think I might not have reacted as I should this weekend.

This position is still kind of in the feeling-out period so I hope that I have time to fix any possible screwups on my part. It's a job that will allow me to do something that comes naturally to me - to write. All I need to do is attach the right plugs to the right sockets and not leave an opening of questionable action on my part.


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