Thursday, October 05, 2006

Watching The Wandering Time Zones

Along with this journal, I have another set up at LiveJournal. While this one is an attempt to be a little more formal with my writing style to come across as a personal editorial column instead of a diary, the LiveJournal is more just an everyday kind of thing. Another huge benefit of the LJ friends list is that I can keep up to date very easily with the lives of my assorted friends all over the world.

Having friends in every time zone tends to lead to odd moments of repitition. This was repeated last night as it seemed like two thirds of the list were watching the third season premiere of the show Lost. While I've never been able to get into the show, there are many people that I know that religiously watch the show and discuss all of the intricacies.

This gets even stranger on nights that new episodes are run. You can watch the progression of the time zones from east to west as everyone feels the need to get on LJ and talk about all of the new information. It has gotten to the point now where there isn't any reason for me to really ever watch the show because I'm getting all of the episode synopsises and trivia three hours... and then two hours... and then one hour... before the show even runs out here on the west coast.

I remember back when I was a kid and the only way that you could find out any information about television shows before they ran would be to call someone on the east coast that had watched it. The surprise would be safe until you sat down in front of the boob tube and turned it on. There were also a lot less channels to watch but that is a different sort of distraction all together.