Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reverse Psychology Or Just Plain Stupid?

I was listening to the radio driving home from work yesterday and I wound up stopping for some reason on the station that locally broadcasts Michael Savage's show. For those of you haven't heard him before, he tends to be king of over reaction and has no problem pointing the finger and making generalizations about everyone. It's some of the most hysterically reactive shows and tends to leave me wondering how he could possibly have any kind of audience.

The subject that he was talking about was, as usual for his show, how nearly anyone that is a Muslim wants to take over the world with their religion. Some days this whole thing borders on the psychotic because he just keeps slamming the same points over and over without stopping. It's all about his panic.

Specifically, his topic was that he couldn't understand why the "Liberal Left" could side with the Muslims because their religion states that what the "Left" believe in is evil and should be removed from society by any means. He kept playing all of these public service sounding messages about the gains that gays and lesbians are making in the Islamic world and how it's changing the countries for the better. He would spend the whole time making snide remarks about what was being said and then followed up each one with what he constantly said was the truth behind the broadcasts.

I had at first wanted to give him a little credit for coming up with a new way to spout off his racist ideas but I just couldn't really do it. I don't have a problem with people that have different opinions to my own but if the only way that you have to make them is to yell and scream without making an actual point and then expect everyone to just follow behind in lock step is an asinine way to make an arguement. All that does is lower the level of discussion for everyone involved and leaves all of the people that had to put up with his rantings a little weaker in the long run.

You, as a human being, seem to be preset to want to root for everyone to learn and better themselves as part of the world around them. It would seem that Michael Savage hasn't heard a single word anyone has ever told him about the world and is more than happy to try and spread his version of hate filled truth for all to hear. It kind of makes me glad that all I have to do is switch the radio to another station but I have to feel a little sadness for those of you that can't. Just keep your head down and let him rant until he works himself to sleep. That way he gets to think he's having his say but none of us have to listen to it.