Friday, April 21, 2006

News Of The Week

Woman Accused of Acid Attack at Wedding
- An Albany woman was accused of crashing a Sudanese wedding party early Sunday and splashing people with a glass bottle full of acid, injuring six people, authorities said.

It has to be a serious snafu to do something like this at a wedding. You don't sneak in and throw acid around if you've been left off of the invite list.

Blind skier sets downhill record
The former soldier was aiming at speeds of more than 130mph

A former soldier who lost his sight when he was attacked in the street has set a new downhill speed skiing record by a blind person of 100.94mph.

Kevin Alderton, 34, from Dartford, Kent, set the record at Les Arcs in France. He was guided on the slope via radio speakers in his helmet.

I give him all kinds of props for doing this but can you imagine being the guy giving him the directions? That must been a really stressful practice session. "Whoops. Ummmm... I guess I missed that tree on the map. My bad but you don't look too hurt."

Limping Lynn leads in China
Britain's David Lynn has taken a one-shot lead at the China Open after two days of play, despite a painful groin problem.

The Englishman was clearly troubled in Beijing after having a boil removed from his groin, but still streaked ahead at the Honghua International Golf Club.

I've heard of sports injuries but this is definately a little different than a regular old groin sprain. And I bet that none of his competitors want to hear anything about this out on the course.

Idol's Bucky: Simon Says... Nothing Helpful
Idol's newest castoff actually had a lot to say about what the show's famously nasty judge is and isn't doing. Speaking to the haughty if not helpful critiques coming from Cowell this season, Bucky shares, "A lot of people are starting to say, 'Simon just likes to make money, so he says whatever he says to make a good show,' which he does" — but at the cost of actually proffering anything useful to the wannabes. "It seems like he used to give advice, but now he doesn't so much give advice as try to put you down and make the show [about] 'I can't believe you said that!' Like, he told Paris [her performance was] 'weird.' What is that supposed to mean?

Hello Captain Obvious... It took this guy 5 seasons to figure that out?! I've only watched about 10 minutes total of this show and I knew that right from the start. Being snippy and snarky is all Cowell seems to have any actual knowledge and talent to do.

Guards Make Unusual Smuggling Find
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) - April 20, 2006
- A Salvadoran woman is in some trouble after she tried to smuggle into the country's main prison a military grenade and marijuana hidden in her private parts.

Not to bring any aspersions on this woman but if you can fit that much stuff up in... ummm... there, it might be a good idea to try to live a more normal life. Maybe she needs some time as a nun...

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Question About Language

Since I was bored last night while I wandered around online, I went to check out the personals at Craigslist. It was just something to keep my brain active a little longer before bed. Then I noticed on three different postings a word that I had never heard used before. My brain took a minute or two to wrap around the use of the word but I'm still kind of a little off.

The word in question?


Now this has nothing to do with the whole furry thing though I can't definately guarentee it. The way that it was used in the personal ads was as sort of a space between normal weight and being a BBW. There weren't any photos with the ads so I can't say what the people looked like but that was the feeling that I got from it.

There seems to be so many words that people will use to describe themselves in an attempt to interest others and without making themselves sound fat. You've got the "plump", "zaftig", and many more. I've even heard a woman describe her body as being "rounded". Personally, I wouldn't think that using a word like "rounded" to describe a person's body shape or weight would be a good idea but maybe there is just something that I'm missing.

This is probably the female equivalent of husky...