Monday, May 05, 2008

The New Rules Of Holiday Drinking

One of the things that I've learned since I moved into my current apartment is that there are now specific holidays that require the party goers to drink alcohol. The complex that I live in is right behind an Elephant Bar and there is ample parking set up along the street it's on. All in all, it can be a whole lot of weirdness when there are all kinds of people walking up the street to find their car and sometimes singing vaguely off key tunes.

As the Cinco De Mayo party winds down, it has struck me that this has now become the junior version of the drinking based holiday. The main professional event is and will probably always be St. Patrick's Day. That has had the crown for so long that I don't think it'll ever lose it's place in the list. I haven't been able to come up with a third event to fit into the show position since none of the future holidays really fit into the alcohol drinking spectrum. You can either go with Memorial Day or the Fourth of July but neither of them strike me as the way to go.

Thankfully it's been kind of quiet tonight so it might just have been Monday sucking the life out of the party for this year. All of the hard drinking was done over the weekend so it makes the day itself kind of moot. Either way, it is nice to have to not have to listen to drunk people singing.