Monday, February 12, 2007

Counting Down To A Lack Of Romance

It is always with a sense of either extreme trepidation or mild nausea that I come to this time of year. That time is the bane of all single people of the world. It's the one days where we, the lonely lot, stand out like a wart on the tip of the wrong thumb. I am of course talking about Valentine's Day. The day for lovers tends to be more like the day of the damned since it seems like I am kryptonite in relation to an actual dating relationship.

And it's not like I don't to get a date. I just don't seem to be very good at it.

Without fail I try to be the nice guy that every woman could want but that doesn't seem to make them happy. So I move over to trying to be the funny guy and see if their feelings of romance are attatched to the funny bone. Still no dice. It's a stretch but I try to come off as the cool guy but that lasts until I get around anything that catches my eye and makes me want to pick it up. The weird habit of examining the world and making statements about it will always seem to get me into trouble.

Even with the dating history that I've had, I still have hope that someday I'll meet someone that will actually find me a positive on the scale of attraction. I'm not one of those guys that think that I'll find true love and be her knight in shining armour and it will all be perfect with happy trees and unicorns. That might last for the first month but once you slide from dating into relationship it brings the real world back into the equation.

Being single on V-Day does tend to make me kind of bitter when I see all of the couples doing their special little couply things during the day and evening. Then again, there is always the happy thought that I don't have to worry about doing any of those specially things. Singleness on a day like that does have advantages. You just have to know where to look.